2nd Stakeholders Workshop
23 March 2021

2nd Stakeholders Workshop

SECUREGAS WORKSHOP | 21 April, Online event

The event, organized by the SecureGas project, will take place on 21 April 2021, H. 10.30 – 15.30 CET

> Online event [Zoom Platform & MIRO Whiteboard]

The objectives of the workshop consist on:

  • Validation of SecureGas results (Conceptual Model, CONOPS and HLRA);
  • discussion about their potential exploitation in industrially relevant environments

To participate to the event, I kindly ask you to fill in this short registration form: REGISTRATION FORM


The morning session, 10:30 CET to lunch, will be dedicated to summarizing and refining feedback on the deliverables. 

The afternoon will be mainly dedicated to discussing three case scenarios related to the three SecureGas Business Cases, as a way to test the Conceptual Model and High Level Risk Assessment and better understand how they are relevant to real-world applications in operation (i.e. industrially relevant environments).

The workshop will end at 15:30 CET.

The workshop will be facilitated by experts in stakeholder engagement who will provide a structured format for knowledge exchange and creation. Be ready to have your camera on (if possible), we will be using a virtual whiteboard and small group conversations to capture relevant discussions and contributions. Hence we hope you see the opportunity that this gathering holds for your field.





SecureGas has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 833017 to ensure the security and resilience of the EU gas network.

In particular, the project aims at providing methodologies, tools and guidelines to secure existing and incoming installations and make them resilient to cyber-physical threats.

Three business cases, addressing relevant issues for the Gas sector and beyond (e.g. oil), have been identified so that to ensure the delivery of solutions and services in line with clear needs and requirements, focused on:

  • risk-based security asset management of gas transmission and distribution networks;
  • impacts (economic, environmental and social) and cascading effects of cyber-physical attacks on interdependent and interconnected European Gas grids;
  • integrity and security, through the operationalization of resilience guidelines, of strategic installations across the EU Gas network

The Project Workshop aims at confirming end-user requirements identified by the project and identifying missed end-user requirements, validating a list of pre-defined technical requirements and getting inputs for the definition of thee business case scenarios.