SecureGas second year balance
22 December 2020

SecureGas second year balance

We have now approached the end of 2020: an unprecedent year for all and for our SecureGas project as well.

SecureGas has shown its resilience in face and despite all catastrophic effects induced by COVID-19, especially for what concerned the project implementation at pilot levels, with all difficulties connected to procuring the needed equipment’s, accessing the testing facilities and installing the SecureGas solutions and technologies.

This year has represented for SecureGas the age of “maturity” where, banking on our solid foundations established in 2019 (in terms of requirements, methodology, conceptual models and architectures), we have started the implementation, adaptation, customization of SecureGas “Extended Components being SecureGas products for the end-users and the market afterwards.

Moreover, in the second half of the year, installations and integration of the “Extended Components” in some of the project pilot sites have been started and, in few cases, successfully concluded, within the ENI selected installation site. Other installations are progressing as well in the other sites and infrastructure, owned and managed by DEPA, EDAA and AMBER, where we expect the finalization of all preparatory phases for testing early in 2021.

Next year will be the concluding one for the project: a lot of expectations in front of us, a lot of exiting achievements to get.

We look forward to 2021 with renewed commitment and belief. We are aware of the expectations we must face, and we are even more eager for meeting, and hopefully overcoming, them.

Teamwork, passion, dedication and a lot of patience and perseverance will be the key ingredients of our 2021: they will guide us across these difficult times, sailing a storming sea towards quiet and more comfortable waters by the project end.

Great work seems to have been done there, so… happy second year & ad maiora SecureGas team!


[Clemente Fuggini, RINA – SecureGas project Coordinator]