The Components to be used by SecureGas are products and technologies brought into the project by qualified partners.

These components have been “extended” – that is improved and integrated – to meet the needs of end users, addressing and solving the proposed business cases scenarios, adopting the most innovative technological solutions, without forgetting cost control and an easy and scalable deployment.

They have to interoperate with each other to build an advanced and innovative solution aimed at improving the protection and resilience of the gas infrastructures.
For each component, which has technical specific features as designed by its provider, the functionalities useful for Securegas objectives have been selected and extended.

Below, all SecureGas extended components are presented and explained in detail, including their description, objectives and use in the project:

Technologies for situational Awareness and Decision Support for Cyber-Physical Threats

Safety and Security platform for Gas CI

Autonomous docking station and UAV based asset management

Onshore Landslide Susceptibility and Alert/Monitoring System

Technologies for information processing and management

Cyber physical correlator

Blockchain for data transmission and integrity verification

Cyber Security for IT and OT networks weakness

Wings Platform

Technologies for detection, identification and early warning

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for monitoring of leakages and third party intrusion in Oil and Gas pipelines

Cognitive framework for biometrics and video analytics

Combined analytics for biometrics and video analytics

Sensors for detection, identification and early warnings

Technologies for Joint Cyber-Physical Security Risk Management and Resilience Modelling

Joint Cyber-Physical Risk and Resilience Management

Gas Network Advanced Modelling and Fast-Dynamics Simulation

Risk-Aware Information to the population

Risk-Aware Information to the population (RAW component)